Leah Hopkins Henry, Painter of Portraits and Fine Arts, Atlanta Georgia

Testimonials About Atlanta Portrait Artist and Painter Leah Hopkins Henry

What Others Are Saying About Leah's Work


I have had people message me wanting to know about you. People have told me they have cried it is so much like him. It is beautiful!!!!
—Beth Landers Goss


We presented the painting this afternoon. He absolutely loves it. He put it up in dining room immediately. Couldn't stop looking at it. He was moved to tears!! Thank you for all your work!!
—Nancy Davies


My wife and I looked a long time at many different artists to do a portrait of our most prized possession - our daughter. Leah was the best we found and the results are obvious. We couldn't have been more pleased with the entire process and the results. I recommend Leah to anyone looking for a quality piece of art.
— Russell Gray


Leah, I just picked up the picture and am completely overwhelmed! It is truly a work of art... I cannot thank you enough. I will treasure it always. Thank you for capturing Sara's spirit.
— Dianne Thomas


We feel like Leah has given us Justin back. His portrait is so life like it makes you feel like he is in the room with you. When he isn't hanging above the mantel, the room feels empty. We can never thank Leah enough for doing this for us. It means the world to us.
— Jan and Joe Johnson


It was so easy and pleasant to work with you. The results were outstanding! You really caught the personality of the children and reproduced them beautifully. The portraits will be treasured always. Thank you so much!
— Belle Cameron Pierce

RYEN KING  (Fallen Hero)

You will never know how much comfort Ryen's portrait actually does give me. It's the first thing I see every morning when I walk into the living room and helps to start my day with such wonderful memories! The words 'thank you' can never express how much I truly appreciate what you've done. Thank you Leah!
— Sincerely, Carmen


Throughout my professional career I've had the opportunity to commission artwork across multiple mediums — illustrations, oils, charcoal and photography. This has afforded me the opportunity to work with a host of talented artists and to observe how they go about practicing their craft. Of all my experiences, I can't think of any more enjoyable than working with Leah on the portrait of my son Matthew. I was impressed at how she kept Matthew engaged during the sessions, bringing out the many aspects of his personality. When family and friends see the portrait, their reaction is to immediately comment about how perfectly Leah captured Matthew — my wife and I are more than pleased with the results.
— Ken Christensen


We are enjoying the painting. I have it sitting up on the table in the family room and every time Nicholas walks by, he stops and looks at it. Can't wait to get it framed. I think it personifies him perfectly. Thanks for your patience in photographing him. He can be a real booger as you saw! I think the portrait gives the same ‘look' that we see from day to day. Thanks!
— Angelia


Leah did an incredible job capturing the essence of each of my children! She is so professional and easy to work with! Leah's ability to transcend her vision on to canvas is remarkable. She is by far the most talented portrait artist, and a blessing to work with!
— Alexis Vear

When Leah completed the portrait of our children, she included elements in the painting that are very personal and meaningful. Her ability to capture these details while maintaining a natural setting of the portrait is what distinguishes her work from other artists! We were thrilled with her work and highly recommend her to anyone considering a family portrait.
— Kevin Vear


I love the portrait of my twins, Tracey and Lincoln. Leah captured them as they truly are —even mischievious when sitting still for a brief moment! The picture was not posed and very much themselves — just twins clowning around on the porch. The quality of Leah's craftsmanship is untoucable, the use of colors, her practiced eye when hetting the details just right — Leah did not stop until the picture was the way it should be and then she knew when to stop... as only a true artist would.
— Alison Webb


We chose Leah Hopkins Henry as our portrait artist after an exhaustive search because after many conversations we felt that she was the best fit for us. To us, commissioning the right artist was more than viewing his or her past works. We were looking for someone who really felt challenged to capture the unique individual characteristics that each of our children possessed. This was accomplished because Leah took the time to fly to our home and not only take the hundreds of photographs essential to do the project but she also spent time with our children not only to get to know them but to also understand what we wanted to be key elements portrayed in their paintings. We kept in touch throughout the project (including a wonderful trip to her home when we visited Atlanta) and she was always willing to listen to suggestions and make the necessary changes when we thought something would enhance the project. Needless to say, we were thrilled with the final portraits. They are the highlight of our home and, ultimately, they will be gifts to our children to cherish forever when they have grown and have homes and families of their own. There is not a single thing that we would change about the whole experience with Leah. She is not only a extremely gifted artist but just a delight to work with. Who knows, maybe our golden retriever will be next!
— Patrick and Magdalena Pettey


Leah was able to capture the spirit of both of our children at 5 years of age. We now have art treasures in our home which we so greatly cherish. Family and friends admire our children's painting, each and every time they visit - commenting how Leah captured personal characteristics and nuances that typically are only found in multi-photo pictorials. Leah is such a joy to work with. We not only gained beautiful works of art to bring lifetime memories for our family, we also gained a friend.
— Mike and Cindy Jones


If my house catches fire, the first thing I will grab is the absolutely amazing portrait Leah did of my girls that hangs over my fireplace in my living room. It is my most cherished possession!
— Hope Hinton Foxley


Leah painted a portrait of my three children. From the pictures she took to the finish product, both my wife and I were pleased with the results.
— Julian Hailey

Leah is a fine artist whose work is warm and inviting, capturing the personality of her subjects and the emotional tenor of her nature studies. Working with her is a pleasure and living with her art is a true joy.
— Athena Nawar

Leah is an amazing artist. I have seen so many of her beautiful paintings, and although I do not yet own one of her portraits, I still aspire to do so! I do own one of her still lifes, and love it. I have worked with Leah for many years on volunteer matters through our children's school, where she has been incredibly generous with her time and talent. Anyone looking to have a portrait done for any reason, should definitely meet with her and see her work.
— Julie Skaggs


Leah's ablility to capture a person on canva s is remarkable. Leah walked us through the process in a professional and patient manner, as an advisor and friend. We could not be happier. Our family and friends all agree that this portrait captures Emily. Our son is approaching the age in which we will be having his portrait created. This time there is no discussion about choosing the right aritst. We already know her.